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Clifford Doyle

Chicago native, Clifford Doyle discovered his interest for styling hair around the age of 12 where he continued to hone his skills and talents throughout his grade school years. In 2001, Clifford earned his formal education from Pivot Point International located in Chicago where he then became a professional hairstylist for the next 12 years. In 2013, he moved to Los Angeles taking his talents and skills becoming a stylist at Kimble Hair Studios, later earning the name “Weave King of the Midwest”.

To the date, Clifford has earned a reputation as a trendsetter. He performs precision haircuts and he is an expert at color formulation. The tell-tale sign of his true styling technique is his use of only shears and razors when cutting hair. He develops the “signature look,” and clients flock to him because of his work. He also specializes in weave extensions and hair replacement’s. 

Clifford Doyle has had the pleasure of styling several celebrities such as Michelle Williams, Tina Lawson by way of Kim Kimble, and Tia Simpson to name a few. Even though most of his clients consists of hard working everyday corporate women, he also has male clients that he has performed many hair replacement pieces for. It is the art of beautifying people and the confidence they feel when leaving his chair is what fuels him as a stylist and keeps him motivated. 


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